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Women's Lingerie & Underwear Sets

Matching Sexy Lingerie Sets

Explore our range of sexy and stylish underwear sets. Choose from a variety of colours and style to match your mood.


Bestseller | 30A-40F
Marseille Black Marseille Black

Marseille Black

Bestseller | 30A-40F
Karolina Basque Black Karolina Basque Black

Karolina Basque Black

Bestseller | 30A-40F
Karolina Black Karolina Black

Karolina Black

Best Seller
Emilia Black Emilia Black

Emilia Black

Best Seller
Nova Black Nova Black

Nova Black

You just can't beat a sexy lingerie set to make you feel confident. Not to mention, matching underwear is the foundation of the rest of your clothing, the template of how you'll feel through the rest of the day.

If you're a fan of the classics – think seductive lingerie sets with matching suspender belts – Marseille, a red lingerie set, is just what you need, with its premium Italian hosiery for a final touch of opulence. Or if you prefer your underwear sets on the contemporary side, then the strappy Emilia black lingerie set or our bestselling Nova underwear set are designed with you in mind.

Wearing matching lingerie is a subtle yet easy way to engage with fashion, and whether you're preparing for a night out, a work meeting, or a relaxed day at home, a beautiful bra and knickers set is guaranteed to lift your mood. Discover our incredible range of women's underwear sets, suitable for every mood and occasion.