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green Sexy Nightwear


Sleep - a time to refresh and regenerate, to dream. Sleep is an important part of all our lives, so it makes sense to dress for the occasion, right? With the stunning range of sexy nightwear at Bluebella you can get ready for those all-important snoozes.  

We believe that comfort and style need to go hand in hand with sleepwear, and that the clothes you choose to lounge and sleep in should feel as beautiful as they look. Our design team carefully test and check all the materials used in our sleepwear to ensure they feel soft and gentle against the skin. Dense satin gives a luxurious feel to much of our womens nightwear, such as our gorgeous two piece pyjama sets inspired by the classic style of the iconic Coco Chanel. 

Bluebella is known for the provocative edge we bring to our contemporary designs, and our nightwear ranges are no exception. Our decadent, sexy sleepwear is all about creating a sensual experience for the wearer, with soft floating fabrics and sheer materials falling as gentle cascades in long chemise styles whilst lace trims bring a decadent edge to cami and shorts sets. If you love a one-piece wonder, then look no further than our chic collection of teddies - contemporary sleepwear at its finest. Bring a modern edge to your night-time fashion, with plunging necklines, elegant appliqués and sheer mesh. 

Sleep in sophistication with Bluebella’s sexy nightwear collections.