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Bluebella X Nyané 3.0

Written by - Bluebella

Introducing our brand new Bluebella X Nyané design collab

After two previous sell-out collections, Instagram sensation Nyané is back with her third Bluebella collection.

In case she isn’t already on your radar, Nyané (@nyane) is a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer and Entrepreneur whose signature enchanting aesthetic is instantly recognisable. With over 1.6m followers on Instagram alone, not only is she dominating the social scene, Nyané is also the Founder and Creative Director of her own hair-care brand. Could she be any more of a boss babe?

Our latest Bluebella X Nyané collection which has just launched on our website will take your lingerie wardrobe to new levels. Co-designed by Nyané herself, the collection features a luxe Soft Cup Bra and Brief in a blissful shade of blue, perfect for elevating your everyday lingerie look. Combining eyelash lace and contrasting gold-tone hardware this set is as comfortable as it is chic.

We caught up with the ever-gorgeous and multi-talented Nyané for a round of quick-fire questions where she also gave us a glimpse at the must-have collection, all the way from her dreamy Amsterdam abode.

What does lingerie mean to you?

Lingerie is all about confidence. It takes confidence to wear it, especially as outerwear, wearing just a lacy bra as a top is risky! But I love taking risks, and maybe even shocking people a little because that’s what gives me confidence! So even though lingerie should be comfortable (to wear), it can be and often is just on the edges, if not outside, of your comfort zone. When you go there you get that instant confidence boost. Lingerie should be, daring, eye-catching, empowering!

When you’re not working, how do you spend your free time?

I made my hobbies my job so now I‘m always working - ha! I love sketching outfit ideas and designs, it‘s technically still classed as work, but I could do it all day. I obviously enjoy going out for a nice dinner or to the movies! It may sound a little boring but my work already brings so much excitement and craziness to my life, I love doing it in my free time as well.

What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

One thing that still somehow surprises people is my height, I guess my proportions and photo angles are tricking people into thinking I’m tall. Well... I’m not! It’s no secret, but when people who know me from my socials meet me in real life a lot of them are surprised.

Where is your happy place?

I don’t really have that one place, and my happiness is more tied to people rather than places. So wherever my family and my loved ones are, that’s where my happy place will be. Oh and also Bali, can’t forget and/or get over Bali!

What’s your most-used emoji?

🖤 or 😂 not sure which one because I do laugh a lot and at everything but I also drop that heart emoji everywhere. The laughing is definitely more honest 😂

What is a dream you’re yet to achieve?

Lots of them, I don’t even know where to start! I want to try so many things, so many things I used to do growing up that I know I’d enjoy doing like singing and dancing/performing, acting, these would probably be the biggest of them all.

What was something you’ve done recently that made you feel extreme happiness?

The first would be seeing my family for the first time since the pandemic started. It’s been a little painful because I live in Amsterdam and my family is in the UK. They couldn’t make it over here for Christmas 2020 because of the restrictions that were imposed right before Christmas and then Brexit hit and things got even trickier. Luckily things are a little better now and we can slowly get back into traveling.

Also, I have just launched my new fashion line. I’ve been working on it for a very long time and we finally released the first drop and I’m so happy I can finally talk about it and show people what I’ve been working on.

Similar to this new collab piece with Bluebella :) it’s been in the works for a while too now, I’m so excited that I can finally share it with my followers!

Discover the Nyane X Bluebella collaboration, available to shop online now.
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