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Bluebella Meets Barbiecore: Embrace the Hot Pink Revolution

Written by - Bluebella

It’s safe to say the Bluebella team is just as obsessed with the Barbiecore trend as, well, just about everyone else. Thankfully, our brand-new Autumn Winter 2023 collection is full of Barbiecore lingerie styles that’ll more than satisfy your craving for some bold hot pink.

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore goes beyond simply being obsessed with the colour pink - it encapsulates the essence of Barbie's ever-evolving fashion journey. Since the first Barbie doll hit the shelves in 1959, spanning a near-65 year run, she has witnessed and adapted to six decades of fashion trends. From the now-vintage flares and shoulder pads of the past to the pumped-up pumps and fresher-than-Bel-Air neon of more recent times, Barbie's wardrobe has been a canvas of ever-changing styles.

Now, with the Barbie movie ruling the silver screen and Margot Robbie giving the beloved doll a bold personality, the world is encouraged to explore Barbie’s closet and rediscover all the iconic Barbiecore outfits, feeling the “plastic fantastic” fantasy more than ever.

If Barbie Did Underwear As Outerwear…

If Barbie could choose her favourite underwear-as-outerwear piece, we’re sure she would go for the Orla body in hot pink. This captivating piece embodies the essence of playful femininity and empowerment, lending itself perfectly to bold styling, The vibrant hot pink hue evokes memories of the iconic Barbie doll, while the minimalist structure makes it a sports-luxe dream. Whether you're seeking to embrace your inner doll or make a bold statement, the Orla body won’t let you down.


Barbie’s Hot Pink Lingerie Edit

From modern statement-makers to overtly feminine options, our lingerie sets in daring hot pink cater to all wants and needs. The Lilly set showcases delicate lace detailing, while the Trinity boasts a daring strappy design that embraces boldness. For those seeking an elegant touch, Colette's soft fabric and intricate embroidery make it an irresistible choice.


Barbie’s Favourite PJs

Barbie’s love for hot pink doesn’t stop at bedtime. The Saskia set exudes laid-back chic with its silky satin bra and shorts that you can complement with the matching eye mask and scrunchie. Faye captivates with its effortless, flowing look, while the Alma set charms with a classic shirt top and flirty shorts. The hot pink hues evoke a sense of energy and playfulness, reminding you that you deserve to feel beautiful and bold.

So, why not take a cue from Barbie and Bluebella and infuse your life with a bit of hot pink magic? Embrace your inner Barbie, be unapologetically yourself, and let the world bask in the radiance of your confidence. After all, in the Barbie world, there's no such thing as being too bold or too bright.

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