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Written by - Bluebella


Winter is well and truly behind us, so let's kick-start the new season off in the right way!

There isn't a better time of year than this time right now - the anticipation of Spring starting. As the days get longer, the sunshine a (little) more sunnier and flowers start to bud, everyone's mood just seems to instantly lift as we look ahead to a bright new season. And this time of year typically marks the chance to be 'out with the old and in with the new'. So how do you re-energise and rehaul a Spring Clean these days? We show you how to do it the Bluebella Way, so you're more than ready to take on the new season with full steam ahead.


There is no better time than a new season to bring about a complete wardrobe overhaul, especially if you are always thinking 'I HAVE NO CLOTHES!' or end up wearing the same pair of jeans every weekend. De-cluttering your wardrobe is the key to actually realising you have way more clothes than you think but you've got to be ruthless. Chuck out clothes that you haven't worn in the past 2 years (send them to your local Charity shop) and only keep items that are in good nic. Whether your wardrobe is a walk-in wonder or a pint-sized beauty, the most useful hack you could ever do is colour co-ordinate your clothes. By streamlining your threads by the colours of the rainbow, you can instantly pick out one colour for your jeans and team them with another, complimentary colour. It'll mean you are more likely to pick out different outfits as you can visualize things alot easier and consequently, you'll never run out of things to wear!

Image: Pinterest


We've all been there - your beauty bag resembles something out of a horror movie set with stained lipsticks, glitter covering *EVERY* thing and make-up brushes coated with stuff that, quite frankly, you shouldn't be putting on your face. Spring cleaning your make-up is probably the most important thing to rehaul, as the products in your bag don't last forever and the last thing you want to be using on your face are out-of-date lotions. Start with emptying your bag out and again - be RUTHLESS. Chuck out products that are over a year old or check the bottle for specific dates. Give your bag and products a good scrub so what you are keeping looks brand new again. Finally, make sure you give your brushes a good scrub (this ideally should be done every week) by shampooing the bristles and washing until all the old make-up has washed away, before leaving to dry on a towel. Your face will thank you for it!


Now nothing says 'Spring Clean' like a good look at your lingerie drawers, naturally. Ever find yourself rooting around your underwear drawer trying to match up sets? A little lingerie overhaul will set you off on the right path for the season ahead. Start off by emptying the drawers out and go through all your favourite sets and individual bras and briefs. Over the years, you'll probably have collected lots of products so now's the time to only keep what you actually wear and throw out the rest. If you hone down to styles that you still wear regularly, it'll show you what you are actually missing. Now is also a good time to get a professional fitting so that you know you're wearing the right size. Remember your size can fluctuate so it's always good to get these regularly and update your lingerie drawers accordingly. And if you want to freshen up your lingerie looks at the touch of your fingertips, then simply have a browse of our new SS16 collection!


Being ready for summer with a kick-ass new playlist to bop along to on those sunny mornings to work can really set your day off the right way so now is a great time to perk up your playlists. Go for this year's hottest new albums from the likes of Lapsley, M83, The Coral, Corinne Bailey Rae and Jack Garrett or create your own playlists based on the festivals you're heading to this summer. If you're stuck for inspiration, have a look at the line-ups of the festivals of the summer (most of which have been or are in the process of being released) and make your way through their records... guaranteed you'll end up with tons more new music. Having a summer soundtrack couldn't be a better way to see you through the best days of the year!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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