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size m Knickers

All too often knickers can be thought of only in a supporting role to a stunning bra or basque, but why should this be the case? Here at Bluebella, we believe that knickers can be the star of the show in their own right, and we put just as much time, effort, love and care into designing our ladies knickers as we do the bras and basques in our collections.

We know that two things are important when it comes to women’s knickers – style and comfort. With these two things in mind, we have set about creating a truly amazing range of knickers and thongs for you to choose from, all crafted in the softest materials and elasticated to ensure the perfect fit and feel.

When it comes to design, we love to explore and innovate. Whether that is reinventing the classic, super-flattering high-waisted style with directional strapping and cut-outs, or transforming a pair of knickers with the addition of a harness, here at Bluebella we are constantly modernising to bring you the most beautiful women’s knickers in contemporary styles.

And of course this wouldn’t be Bluebella if we didn’t push the boat out and give you a range of provocative pants to choose from! From kinky knickers with open backs to stylish thongs, there are plenty of sexy knickers for you to peruse amongst our gorgeous, directional collections.