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30A-40F 42B-DD
Karolina Bra Karolina Bra

Karolina Bra

Regular price £30.00

Karolina Thong

Regular price £13.33

30A-40F 42B-DD
Karolina Basque Karolina Basque

Karolina Basque

Regular price £40.83

Bluebella see-through lingerie is contemporary and modern, combining edgy designs with luxurious materials. Every gorgeously sheer piece the Bluebella team has designed is balanced between structure and softness, creating bold looks with a strong, sensuous feel. The darker tone mesh has the same sculpting qualities as luxury hosiery, evening skin-tone and flattering the figure. It is also exquisitely soft against the skin, giving that luxurious feel that is the Bluebella signature without compromising on the aesthetics and style.

The Karolina collection combines this gorgeous sheer mesh with opaque straps to create beautifully structured see-through lingerie. The thick bands of strapping give these pieces the Bluebella edge, adding a directional feel whilst also hinting at provocative cage-effect lingerie. These are bold and empowering pieces, designed for women who know their style and who want to make a statement. This is simple, chic and structured lingerie at its best, with effortlessly flattering cuts and styles making these pieces a delight to wear on their own or together as a powerful set.

Whether you’re looking for a simple bodysuit or a structured basque, there is something in this see-through lingerie collection for you.