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Romantic & Provocative Gifts


Sapphira Wired Body Black

Regular price £36.67

Cromer Wired Body Black Cromer Wired Body Black

Cromer Wired Body Black

£18.33 Sold Out

Best Seller
Nova Body Black Nova Body Black

Nova Body Black

Regular price £36.67

Amina Wired Body Red

Regular price £36.67 Sale price £14.17

Slade Wired Body Black Slade Wired Body Black

Slade Wired Body Black

Regular price £36.67 Sale price £18.33

Etienne Body

Regular price £31.67

Best Seller
Emerson Strappy Body Black Emerson Strappy Body Black

Emerson Strappy Body Black

Regular price £35.00

If you’re looking for a romantic gift or provocative lingerie, Bluebella is the perfect place for you. We don’t shy away from bold, beguiling styles, with some of our most famous pieces being our range of stylish open-cup bras. What sets Bluebella lingerie apart from the crowd, however, is our focus on design and wearability.

All of our pieces are crafted out of the softest material to sit comfortably against the skin, to be as beautiful and sensual to wear as they are to look at. Our provocative lingerie is sculpted with a strong, directional feel, turning these pieces into bold personal statements that are as fashionable and contemporary as they are seductive. Take a look at some of our more provocative thongs and briefs to see this philosophy of comfort and style in action.

This doesn’t mean that we have totally forgotten the classic lingerie styles that make such perfect romantic gifts – far from it, as we constantly look to past eras for inspiration. A particular piece that makes for a gorgeous, statement gift is the basque. Based on classic, French shapes, a Bluebella basque brings Parisian decadence to a lingerie wardrobe and makes a stunning, romantic gift to a special someone. Paired with a Bluebella brief and hosiery, a basque is the last word in provocative lingerie.

Remember that we offer a gift-wrapping service, so your provocative parcels will arrive in perfect condition.