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ivory Knicker Sale

Nova Closed Brief Ivory Nova Closed Brief Ivory

Nova Closed Brief Ivory

Regular price £15.00 Sale price £10.83

Zola High-Waist Brief Ivory Zola High-Waist Brief Ivory

Zola High-Waist Brief Ivory

Regular price £13.33 Sale price £10.00

What could be more blissful than a beautiful new pair of knickers? Here at Bluebella, we understand the importance of everyday luxuries and indulgences, and with up to 50% off in the Bluebella Knickers Sale now’s the time to treat yourself to some brand new pants!

We believe in pushing the boundaries of lingerie design across all pieces and have worked to create stunning new silhouettes that flatter and shape the form whilst feeling amazing to wear. Our high waisted creations sculpt the midline of the body, with designs as varied as the Marllie and Rhodes High Waist Thongs showcasing in this Knickers Sale how we apply this structure across different pieces. Each garment is exquisite and unique, so you can find the pieces that suit you the best and make you feel good!

And it’s not just the shapes that are innovative in this Knickers Sale – there’s also all the beautiful detailing that makes these pieces simply stunning. Whether it’s a directional harness strap as in the Selmar Harness Thong or the chic lacy detailing of the Francine Thong our design team focuses in on the little things that make each piece in our Knickers Sale special.

Whether you’re into your full-bodied briefs or the tiniest of string thongs, you’re sure to find the perfect pair in our Bluebella Knickers Sale.