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ivory Nightgowns and Kimonos


Chiffon Kimono Ivory

Regular price £23.33

Marcella Long Kimono Ivory

Regular price £33.33 Sale price £26.67

In our modern world, where we are constantly connected and communication happens across at least four different social media platforms, it is increasingly important to take time for ourselves.

Whether that is through a meditative start to your morning, or a quiet evening in, dress for the self-care occasion in one of our beautiful nightgowns or kimonos. After all, what could be more luxurious than sipping that first cup of coffee draped in a gorgeously, silky kimono?

A beautiful, sexy nightgown is a piece of affordable everyday luxury, and here at Bluebella we work to ensure that you receive only the best. We pride ourselves on our innovative styles and designs, which have seen us collaborate with Instagram influencers such as Nyane Lebajoa to create a stunning capsule collection including a decadent kimono with lace inserts adding textural intrigue to the dense and silky piece.

Fabrics and materials are of highest importance to us, with each piece being tested and checked for comfort and wearability. Whether you are looking for sheer, modern kimono nightwear such as our stylish chiffon kimono or if a more classically style lace and satin nightgown such as the Cashmar is your thing, you can be certain your Bluebella nightwear will feel as good as it looks.

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