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The Changing Shape of Women

Written by - Bluebella

From the fifties female to the modern woman: The team at Bluebella rolled up our sleeves to dig up the data on how the average British woman’s figure has changed in the course of 60 years.

So how much have women's figures changed exactly?

Well according to government statistics, Miss fifties stood at 5ft 2in tall, was a size 12 with a 34B cup and 28 inch waist, and weighed in at 9st 10lbs with a size 3 shoe.

Now, the modern woman stands at 5ft 5in, and is a size 16 with 36DD breasts and a 34 inch waist. She weighs 11 stone and wears size 6 shoes.


Lingerie on Amber Hill, Stef Reid, Bryony Shaw

(Featured styles from left to right:  Caterina, Aria, & Sienna)


So not only is the average lady 3 inches taller, but she is curvier, wears bigger shoes, and has fuller breasts too!

As Bluebella CEO Emily Bendall says:

“the modern woman is likely to exercise at least twice a week - consuming 2,300 calories a day compared to 1,800 calories back then. She is much healthier than her Fifties counterpart.”

And the best news of all is that the modern woman is also a lot richer (hooray!), earning £530 a week instead of the measly £10 fifties females used to pocket.


Blogger in Aria Body

(@hurraykimmay in Aria Body)


Bluebella's CEO Emily added that the classic 2017 woman devotes:

“...around 30% more of her income to her wardrobe.This is reflected in the size of her lingerie collection which is twice the size of 1950s woman. She now has an average of 12 bras compared to just six in the 1950s.”

We certainly don't blame ladies for celebrating their bigger curves and pay checks with more lingerie!

Since lingerie is becoming an increasingly big part of the modern woman’s wardrobe, Bluebella’s main focus is to create a fashion forward mix of provocative and chic lingerie sets and pieces.


Blogger in Peyton Body

(@airraam in Peyton Body)


Although it's a challenge for designers and lingerie brands, Bluebella believe it’s high time the fashion industry adapted to the modern woman.

That is why we have designed the MORE Collection for the more voluptuous figures, with bras ranging from DD to G, to bring MORE gorgeous lingerie to MORE gorgeous women.

Challenge accepted!


...Interested? These are our bestselling MORE styles:



Lingerie MORE DD+Lucia



Lingerie MORE DD+Asteria



Lingerie MORE DD+ Aura


Written by Stephanie Stapleton

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