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The birth of Bluebella icons - from pencil to purchase

Written by - Bluebella

Each piece of beautiful lingerie you purchase has a rich design history and is the product of many stages of work. From portfolios of inspiration and numerous sketches and technical drawings, to skimming fingertips across satins and laces, the finished article is much nurtured.

But whilst each of those steps may take time, they’re part of a precious process that can't be curtailed. For many of us however, much of this process is invisible, and that’s how the beautiful creations we decide to let into our wardrobes and onto our skin are designed and created.

Bluebella Nova Bra and Thong Black

From pen to paper to needle and thread, we’re aware of the main movements a designer will go through in order to make a bra, but in reality there are so many more intricate steps and collaborative processes. We savour the idea of collaboration and encourage members of our team, both in-house and out, to work together to create each work of art. The very first step is an in-house meeting in which we discuss concepts we want to see in the next season, and working from our ideas we’ll create a concept document full of inspiration in the form of images, sketches, fabrics and colour palettes.

Bluebella Lyra Bra and Thong Black

Bluebella Emerson Bra Harness Brief Thong Black
Our designers then produce further sketches, and it’s here that our beautiful product (if we say so ourselves) starts taking form. But it doesn’t just move from the paper to the mannequin, the sketches are then transformed into Computer Animated Designs. This is the real birth of the product, and these designs are then worked on and tweaked to make sure they’re not only beautiful but also technically sound. Once we're sure both us and our customers will be happy with the design, fabric swatches and colour pantone cards are brought into the mix to start piecing together the aesthetically stunning garments you see whilst scrolling through our website today.
One of the most important parts of our process is creating pieces that carry our ethos with them. We produce lingerie with the modern empowered woman in mind and we want to make her feel as amazing as she should. Pieces like Nova and Emerson were constructed with delicate but provocative lace to empower and entice. Each piece carries itself on a body with a statement - redefining sensuality.
Bluebella Emerson Bra Harness Brief Thong Black
Each stitch has been thought about and each design feature lovingly poured over, the brain child of not just one designer but a hub of passionate people. The more time we spend collaborating and fostering each other’s creative ideas, the more beautiful our pieces become. It’s not just us either, the push for smaller, organically grown brands is getting bigger and bigger, and the more we see the more inspired we become. Whether it’s catwalks and fashion shows or fabrics, patterns and shapes from nature or urban landscapes, anything that any one of us sees can influence the way we create, so you never know what’s going to come next. Watch this space...
Bluebella Emerson Bra Harness Brief Thong Black
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