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New Season - Bluebella Inspired by Nature...

Written by - Bluebella

We could not wait any longer to show you our gorgeous new season… so many beautiful styles are now on our site to make you feel fabulous.


When thinking about this season, here at Bluebella HQ, we wanted something that would tie femininity and nature together in beautiful lingerie pieces.

The new collection was inspired by the cold breeze of an Autumn morning and the softness of the falling leaves. We thought about the most enchanting aspects of nature and created beautiful lingerie and nightwear pieces, that will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Fresh autumn air inspired the Valentina – a collection as timeless as autumn. The rose dust edging is the perfect representation of the last bits of colour of the season and a delicate nod to femininity.

The delicate light of dusk in winter made us create some of our favourite lace pieces.

The Emily, Esme and Odele sets are perfect when worn for a fabulous winter night. Be it to show them off or as a delicate detail of your favourite outfit.

As the new seasons roll around, your body will need that extra bit of love. Treat yourself to fabulous piece like Fleur or Gia for the perfect combination of lace and subtlety for when winter jumpers get a bit too much.

Shop now for your perfect Autumn Bluebella look.

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