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Leopard Nova - Get your claws out!

Written by - Bluebella
The delightfully delicate and yet still deliciously playful Nova Bra has been one of our best sellers since its inception, and so we decided to do things a little differently and imitate the prowess of a big cat with our new Leopard Print Nova collection!
In the spirit of all things wild we tasked ourselves with uncovering the secret to giving in to your animal instincts and being a jungle cat in the sheets…
Nova Leopard Print

How to be an animal in the bedroom

Getting down to business can be a bit nerve wracking; whether it’s with a partner you’ve known for years or a new addition to your bedroom, we’re constantly being told what’s hot and what’s not between the sheets. But to celebrate the launch of the eagerly anticipated Leopard Print Nova collection, we decided to do a little research of our own into how to put your best leg forward in the bedroom to bring out the little animal inside. Spoiler alert: it’s all about confidence!
Nova Leopard Set
Immerse yourself in the world of sex
And no, by this we don’t mean making your debut into adult film. One of the best ways to exude confidence when it comes to getting down to business is to be comfortable with the world of sex, which due to many things some of us can get a bit weird about. In an age where women are breaking free of the conditioning that we should be shy, modest and virginal, reading a collection of articles about sex or even picking up a copy of Fifty Shades is one way to get comfy with it, and that will show in your private life.
Focus on your breathing
Mindfulness and structured breathing works for more than just yoga, and can really help you relax and pursue the pleasure when getting down to it. We all know that relaxation is key when it comes to enjoying yourself, and stress can really dampen the mood. Some experts even swear by rhythmic breathing as the secret to an intense orgasm. Apparently there’s no formula to getting it right, the trick is to be aware of your breaths and use them to your advantage. We’ll be taking notes on that...
Talk about it with friends
Similarly to reading about it online, it’s important to remove the stigma and taboo surrounding sex, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a healthy sex life. Getting into a conversation with your best friends about the realities of love making can really help you open up and understand your own body in comparison to others, which in turn only helps you out when getting busy. Most of the time we have a fear that what we’re up to might be wrong, or that we’re weird in some way, but by chatting openly to those you feel comfortable around we all come to realise that we’re all great in our unique way, and the things we feel weird about might not be that weird at all!
Dress up
One of the sure-fire ways to make yourself feel super confident and sexy as hell is to dress the part, and that is where we come in. Whether you feel like wearing something girly and flirty with not too much effort, or fancy going all out, harness style, we have something for everyone onsite. The trick here is not to delve too far into the deep end but find something that makes you feel good, first and foremost. The rest, as they say, is confidence.
And of course, to really bring out your animalistic side go wild with the new Leopard Print Nova set, available now!
Nova Leopard Bra and Thong
Nova Leopard Bra, Thong and Suspender
Nova Leopard Bra and Thong
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