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International Women's Day 2022

Written by - Bluebella

We believe that women should be appreciated and supported every day, but International Women’s Day is an opportunity to not only talk about gender inequality and plan further action but also to appreciate how far we’ve come already and praise those who actively work to make a change.

This year, we’ve once again partnered up with Equality Now, an international human rights organisation tackling gender-based discrimination since 1992. Their vast network of supporters, activists, lawyers and – as they describe it – unapologetic feminists have been holding lawmakers to account and pushing for ending legal inequality and the harmful practices that occur as a result.
Gender inequality doesn’t only impact women and girls. Research shows that places where gender discrimination is widespread experience many additional issues that mainly concern socioeconomic instability. Equality Now has proved that every country in the world has laws that diminish the position of women and girls within society. Its mission is to change that, for good.
By purchasing Bluebella on the 8th of March, you’re directly contributing to Equality Now’s crucial work. We’re donating £5 from every order made on International Women’s Day to the fight for gender equality.
The official theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. Let’s all take a moment to think about how it can directly translate into our everyday lives. Often bias is something that has unconsciously been ingrained in us from a young age. The key is to spot it, question it and, eventually, break it. The #BreakTheBias theme only works if we all choose to do our bit and shed prejudice and favours in our day-to-day lives.
At Bluebella, we’re committed to having an unbiased mindset, regardless of who we’re talking to and what situation we’re dealing with.
Here are some of our team members striking the IWD #BreakTheBias pose. Will you join us?
 Happy – and meaningful – International Women’s Day!
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