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💪 International Women’s Day! 💪

Written by - Bluebella
This International Women’s Day we are supporting the charity Equality Now with a £5 donation for every order made on the 8th March.

International Women’s Day is a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come and to set goals for how to go even further. We’re still a long way from gender equality, but the future is looking brighter and better than ever before.

With offices in the UK, USA, Africa and the Middle East, Equality Now works to tackle gender-based injustices across the globe. Since 1992, their network of lawyers, activists and supporters have held governments to account, moving towards ending legal inequality and the harmful and discriminatory practices that spring from this.

Equality Now

Discrimination doesn’t only prevent women and girls from reaching their potential. Research shows that countries with greater gender inequality also experience greater societal conflict and economic instability, which has a negative impact on everyone. Every country in the world has laws that treat women and girls as second-class citizens, to a greater or lesser extent. This is what Equality Now aims to change.

With every order made online today, 8th March 2021, we will be donating £5 to support the vital work of Equality Now in building a better world not just for women and girls, but ultimately for everyone.


The official theme of International Women’s Day this year is choose to challenge. This theme speaks to the individual responsibility and potential that we all have to make a difference, however small it might seem.

Priscilla, Ecomm Expert Extraordinaire (left) & Laura, Social Media Superstar (right)

Priscilla, Ecomm Expert Extraordinaire (left) & Laura, Social Media Superstar (right)

From challenging your own thoughts to starting a conversation with friends about their experiences, it doesn’t have to take much to start a process of change.

Leandro, Marvellous Money Man (left) & Lorena, Customer Care Queen (right)

Leandro, Marvellous Money Man (left) & Lorena, Customer Care Queen (right)

Here some members of the Bluebella team are showing their support of #ChooseToChallenge, posing with their chosen key mission statements and committing to confront inequality, to question stereotypes, and to help forge an inclusive world!

Production Peach and Social Media Magician (left) & Ruby, Wholesale Heroine (right)

Emily, Production Peach and Social Media Magician (left) & Ruby, Wholesale Heroine (right)

We can all help to create a world where gender equality is a priority – show your support this International Women’s Day by using the hashtags #IWD2021 and #ChooseToChallenge.

Garric club

Garric club - Image taken from godfreymartin.co.uk

Did Someone Say “Challenge
Gender-Based Discrimination”…?

There have been some exciting new developments in our founder Emily’s campaign to change the Garrick Club’s male-only membership rules. Read the original story here, and check out all the updates on our latest blog post following the campaign.
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