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Face Coverings

Written by - Bluebella


2020 has been a truly strange year. We’ve all retreated indoors, and businesses have had to adapt to the new world we’re living in. Theatre has gone online, the pub has had to come to you, and luxury perfumers have turned their fragrant distilleries into production lines for hand sanitizer. There are new needs to be met in the Coronavirus world, and it necessary that businesses strive to meet them.

Here at Bluebella, our design team have worked to bring you a garment in line with the times, created to protect yourself and others as we start to move back towards normality.




All proceeds from the sale of this face covering (£5 per covering) will be going to the innovative charity Chayn, which helps women and non-binary people experiencing abuse and gender-based violence around the world. Abuse is never acceptable, and there are many resources and communities providing help and support available through Chayn’s global volunteer network.

Our Founder and CEO Emily Bendell explains why we wanted team up with Chayn at this particular moment in time.

Throughout the COVID crises, we have seen see our role here at Bluebella to provide #LittleLifts, to try and brighten your day and make you smile.

In sleek black (naturally) with a beautiful luxe lace overlay, the Bluebella Face Covering is the chicest mask in town.

And most importantly, all profits from the sale of our masks (£5 per covering) will go to Chayn, a global network helping women and non-binary people fight domestic abuse and sexual violence. Chayn run a fantastic support network of survivor-led resources in several countries seeking to stop domestic abuse, child abuse, forced marriage, sexual assault and discrimination. Never has Chayn’s work been more important to combat the catastrophic worldwide surge in domestic violence the pandemic and ensuing lockdown restrictions have created.

Click here to learn more about Chayn’s work and the warning signs of domestic and sexual abuse.

Please enjoy your chic Bluebella mask. Wearing is caring.

Emily x

Emily Bendell, CEO and Founder

As lockdowns ease and we start to emerge back into the sunlight (and remarkably clean air) of our abandoned towns and cities, it’s important that we still look after each other and stay safe. Fashion, so often seen as frivolous, is proving central when it comes to the new must-have garment. Seen on many a famous face (if you can recognise them, that is), face masks have become an important symbol, signalling care for yourself but perhaps more importantly care for others.


Image taken from Getty Images

Designers, artists and brands like ours are creating reusable masks that not only help the environment but also take public pressure away from important medical supplies. Disposable, medical grade masks should be left to the essential workers who need them – the rest of us? We can get creative.


Image taken from Getty Images


Style, comfort and safety are the three leading principals determining the design of this face covering. Key features are:

Machine washable at 60 degrees for reuse
Breathable and soft against the skin
Moulded design ensures maximum coverage of the nose and mouth
Adjustable ear-loops and elasticated trim for the perfect fit



The inner lining of this face covering – that sits against the skin – has been coated with an antibacterial finish that lasts between 40 and 50 washes, providing an extra level of protection not achieved with cloth alone. The design also works with an inner filter, which sits between the two layers of the mask. Two of these inner filters come with each face covering, and are to be inserted before use and removed before washing.



Stay chic, but most importantly, stay safe. X

More information on protective face coverings can be found from the World Health Organisation. The Bluebella face covering is not a medical grade mask.
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