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COOL BRITANNIA -Behind the scenes of our AW16 photoshoot

Written by - Emily Bendell

Delve into what happens behind the scenes...


Hi there, it's Emily here, founder of Bluebella. I want to share with you what's been going on lately at Bluebella HQ!

Bluebella's AW16 photoshoot was all the way back in December, and having designed what we feel was our most gorgeously amazing collection to date - we wanted to get even more ambitious in how we created imagery to accompany it.

A brainstorm by the Bluebella team determined that we wanted to create imagery that embodied two things. Firstly - the organic inspiration behind the collection: watch out for beautiful new prints, unusual trims and geometric new fabrics that mirror the beauty of nature whilst reflecting the modernity at the heart of Bluebella. Secondly, we wanted to capture the directional, strong and cosmopolitan heart of Bluebella that is deeply rooted in the city we all love the very best - London.                                                                                             

Sadly for our brave model, the idea that hatched from our creative little minds was to set our imagery on the windswept and wintery banks of the Thames. We loved the idea of an urban beach with a cityscape in the background, of bare trees creating organic shapes that reflect the collection with a touch of winter sun creating beautifully crisp silhouettes.

Amazingly, the British weather held up and we were blessed with a cold but sunny day which we maximised with a super early start. Our vision was brought to life by the fabulous all-female team who we adore working with. Having now worked together on so many shoots we - as usual - worked calmly and harmoniously together with lots of laughs in between. And with nice hot cups of tea and coffee on tap!

Alisa our photographer, furry hood firmly up, captured stunning moments and turned the wintery light into the most beautiful scenes. And our model, the extraordinarily professional and lovely Eva kept smiling right until the last shot despite the freezing temperatures, whilst the dynamic duo of Nikki and Lara somehow managed to keep hair and make-up in check despite the unforgiving winds.


Our only disappointment? That you'd have to wait until now to see the results! But fear not, the wait is over and the collection is available for order on site now!

Looking back on the final edit in the office, I feel immensely proud of the Bluebella team for bringing such a creative and inspiring collection to life! We celebrated with gin & tonics and bubbly at our Christmas party!

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