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Bluebella's Top Hot Trends for 2017

Written by - Bluebella

Because we’re so relieved the cursed year of 2016 is finally over, we’ve teamed up with our favourite bloggers to bring you a list of what trends we predict are going to be big this year…


Phoebe Night Shirt: https://www.bluebella.com/products/phoebe-nightshirt-black
Everyone has been loving the 2016 Pyjama trend so much that not only is it continuing into 2017, but robes will be joining them in the wardrobe. This year is about the posh robe, the fancier the better! Our chiffon and satin range of kimonos are perfect. They will hug you in the morning, and work as a sultry overcoat in the evening. Who knew Hugh Hefner was so stylish?
Long Kimono Black: https://www.bluebella.com/products/long-kimono-blackChiffon Kimono Ivory: https://www.bluebella.com/products/satin-kimono-ivory
You might not have seen kitten heels on your feet since the days of Disney Princess dress-up, but they are back. It’s time to dust those kittens and get funky. Just try to avoid gaps in the pavement!
Fashion is moving away from perfect tailoring and tidyness, towards a more raw, relaxed and unfinished look. Think chaos at the factory: exposed linings and zippers, raw edges, odd seams and frays. Our bestselling Lyra bra might be a good place to start.  Move over perfectionists, this is the year of imperfectionism.
Big and bold baby, this is not the year for subtlety. Fantastically chunky and quirky designs on the horizon. Just imagine UFO meets 80s meets art school meets bicycle chain. Mismatched or single earrings, arm cuffs, ear cuffs, raw stones…lots to play with. The same goes for lingerie; bold is beautiful - what Bluebella does best. 
 Shine, shine and more shine. This trend is turning girls across the world into magpies. Lots of scope to experiment with shape and dimensions due to the dazzling mirror finish to create different optical illusions. We’re expecting a Kardashian-esque contouring explosion for nails.
Although we’ve been championing them for a while, it’s good news for Bluebella fans - bralettes will be a big feature of the 2017 wardrobe. Wear them under or over your shirts, and experiment with different fabrics and designs. Spotted on the Milan Spring/Summer 17 catwalk, these garments can be dressed up for a sophisticated look or dressed down for something a bit more cheeky.
Originally championed by cautious bike cyclists as the safe option, reflective fabrics have been reclaimed by the fashion world and turned into some pretty daring pieces. Opt for reflective details for a sporty chic look or just go all out. Blindingly obvious!
The days of the Bardot wasp-waist are returning. Our range of basques will make your figure look breathtaking, without leaving you breathless. Or for a more casual cinched look, why not try one of our sexy suspenders?
No excuses not to look sensational in 2017.
Written by Stephanie Stapleton



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