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Written by - Bluebella


 Lingerie and jewellery go together like two peas in a pod; they can both be simple and elegant or statement pieces that have the power to fully transform an outfit. So it was only a matter of time before we checked in on our favourite jewellery creator and fellow independent London brand, Wolf & Moon, who know a bit more about bling then we do!
Hannah David - founder of Wolf & Moon

Hannah Davis by Andy Donohoe

 Creativity is all about collaboration and so we teamed up again with the amazing team at Wolf & Moon to put together a sparkling showcase that illuminates the power of both lingerie and jewellery. Pairing our new season Rose Dust styles with their delightfully delicate pieces, the collab makes for the perfect springtime musing.
Lingerie - Laura Balcony Bra Rose Dust
Behind the scenes: Laura Balcony Bra, Rose Dust
Nightwear - Phoebe Chemise and Tie-Side Knicker Rose Dust
 We caught up with the lady who started it all, and having grown from a one woman stall in East London to a small team of dedicated designers creating and making in Hackney, the brand is on the move up. We chat to Hannah Davis to learn about her beginnings, her inspiration, and whether she’s a morning person or not…
 What gave you the idea to start Wolf & Moon?
A passion for designing, making and wanting to work for myself! I have loved making jewellery ever since I was 16. When I moved to London for university an opportunity came up to have a stand at an East London market and it all went from there.
 What inspirations would you say Wolf & Moon has in terms of its style?
We think a pared down look goes perfectly with our jewellery; I love the idea that an outfit can be made with a statement accessory. I also love a bit of colour, but not too much!
Lingerie - Amelie Body Rose Dust
Behind the scenes: Amelie Body, Rose Dust
 What's the key message behind the brand?
Our mission statement is “Graphic and modern jewellery for the curious and independent.” We believe that everyone can be creative and interesting with their style by wearing something a bit different and handmade. You can still be sophisticated whilst doing so!
Lingerie - Lyra Soft Lace Bra Black
 What made you keen to collaborate with Bluebella?
We love shouting about other independent and local brands and we really admire Bluebella’s outlook: empowering women through their sensuality.
What's the concept behind the collaboration?
Jewellery and lingerie are both the unsung heroes of every outfit so let’s showcase them together and let them shine - who needs clothes!
Nightwear - Phoebe Chemise and Tie-Side Knicker Rose Dust
 Why is jewellery important to you?
For me, wearing jewellery makes me feel good about myself. Putting on certain pieces completes my daily routine, whilst others get me in the mood for going out, like getting the lippy out on a Friday evening!
Nightwear - Phoebe Shirt Rose Dust
Accessories can often make an outfit, what do you think they mean to people?
Accessories mean all sorts of different things to people. Accessories are like objects you display on your shelf or wall at home: some pieces are sentimental, some are aesthetic, and some are both.
Either way they definitely say something about an individual. On a basic level, an outfit is an expression of you and accessories are the details that tell the full story.
Lingerie - Laura Soft Cup Bra Black Rose Dust
What other things are important to you?
I am pretty obsessed with pottery at the moment. I’ve been going to classes for over two years and have become a member of an open studio which I now go to 2 or 3 times a week! I’m starting to work on some ceramic pieces for Wolf & Moon which is exciting.
And finally, what do your mornings look like?
I turn my alarm off for about an hour, I am not a morning person! When I finally get out of bed, I have a shower, get myself some toast or cereal and a mug of Earl Grey tea. Then I put on some make up whilst watching breakfast TV before cycling into the studio.
See below for more behind the scenes action!
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