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Blondies - Hell's Angels

Written by - Bluebella

Blonde Ambition

 Introducing the Coyotes of the East: Rochelle, Verity and Sharmaine - the smokin’ hot Aussie sister-trio and masterminds behind London’s Blondies Bar. As regular haunt of bikers, rockers, and Homerton’s finest, we couldn’t resist the chance to park up our own motors out front for a leather-clad shoot with these rock’n’roll queens in their favourite Bluebella pieces.
It was then only right to end with a chat over our best poisons and hear the fiery tale behind this hot demon dive bar from the Hell’s Angels themselves…
Whose idea was it to start the bar? 
Rochelle: In the beginning it was really spur of the moment. I mean, we had always joked about opening our own place, but none of us knew it would happen so soon or in this country. It was running a bar or creating a band! I’m glad the bar won over. 
Verity: It all started as a joke one morning over coffee with Sharmaine and I. We took Rochelle out for breakfast the next morning and told her the exciting news. She thought we must be joking, but the next week we had managed to scrape together our small amount of savings and put a deposit down on a space. Then came the fun part about trying to figure out how the hell we were gonna make this work!
How did it go at the start and how is it now?
Sharmaine: It took us a while to get the keys to the building, which was a blessing in disguise, as there was a whole lot of stuff we didn't know about opening a venue. From planning proposals and licenses. But we managed to pull it all together by the skin of our teeth.
Verity: We've all worked really hard and can breathe a little easier now. I'm really proud of my sisters and can see what we are able to create together.
What’s your highlight? What do you dislike?
Verity: Definitely being able to do this together is the main highlight, and the fact that people have been so supportive. It's been a massive challenge, but we wouldn't change it. 
Sharmaine: Being able to spend time with my family and feeling like we've accomplished something together, that we've created something from scratch. It can be quite a stressful situation but Verity somehow manages to keep it all under control.
What’s it like to work with your sisters?
Rochelle: We all have our strengths. We try to remember to give each other support and allow each other to be in control of the roles we are best at.
Sharmaine: It's nice to have someone with different ideas to bounce off, and to know that even if we disagree, we will be there for each other in the end.
Bluebella Lingerie Beatrix Bandeau Bra Black, Milla Body and Etienne Body
Blondies sisters in Milla Body, Beatrix Bandeau Bra and Etienne Body
How would you describe each other?
Sharmaine: Verity as the life of the party, but with the biggest heart and always wanting everyone to have the best time - I wouldn't trust anyone else running the show. Rochelle is a little ball of joy and the hardest worker I know.
Verity: Rochelle is the most positive and lovely person I've met. She never stops working or giving the most amazing advice. She's our rock. Sharmaine is lovey and creative and is our little pocket rocket. Passionate and always smiling.
Bluebella Lingerie Etienne Body Black
How would you describe the bar?
Verity: Most people call it a 'Dive Bar', and that’s not something we shy away from. It was a DIY project. We all worked tirelessly to get it off the ground and had to hit the ground running by the time we got the keys, so we had no time to waste. We knew we were working with a very small budget so did most of it ourselves, from building the bar to cementing the back yard to learning how to plaster walls on 'YouTube'. It was a really special time.
Sharmaine designed the space and Rochelle is our illustrator who created our imagery which ended up on T-shirts, beer cans and some merch, with more designs on the way.
Rochelle: We throw fun parties with bands and generally have a great time. Most weekends you can find us behind the bar dancing around and passing out tequila shots.
                Best band? Night you’ve thrown?
Verity: Our friends own a Denim Label called 'Burd's. They launched their new collection at a pop up store in Redchurch St. and threw a mega after party at the bar. All our friends rode down with their motorbikes and lined them up out the front. Our mates's metal band 'Deadwound' played. Somehow there was a mosh pit and people crowd surfing and back flipping on the ceiling, which is crazy being that we are so small.
Rochelle: Yeh I agree. It was amazing. Hotel Radio were there to live stream the whole thing. I think you can find it somewhere on their website.
Bluebella Lingerie Emerson Bra Black
 What song fills the dance floor?
 Verity: It really depends what night we have on, but I'm gonna say any Drake is still a floor filler.
Signature drink?
Rochelle: We make a Rum Punch which has pretty much become our signature. Really fruity but not too sweet. And it's got some Jamaican rum inside, so not missing any of that kick!
Sharmaine: The margaritas are my fave.
What do you think of London? Favourite area?
 Verity: I love that it gives you the space to do the things you want to achieve, but you have to work hard. I've met so many amazing people who also push to achieve their goals. It's hard for sure, and it’s gonna try and find your weaknesses. But you gotta push through, keep trying, and try to believe in yourself.
 Geographically I really love the landscape and when you drive through the countryside. But I also love our little bubble in the East. Clissold Park or any of the parks in the summer are really nice. But usually on the weekends you'd find us at our friend’s cafe 'I Will Kill Again' in Homerton. They make the most amazing food. Vegan options like you've never seen. 
 Shamaine: I've been here for 7 years and I've moved around a lot. London is an amazing city with amazing opportunities. I've met some incredible people and managed to travel and see things I wouldn't have if I'd stayed back in OZ. 
                Favourite Bluebella pieces and why?
 Sharmaine: The Nova Bra Leopard is my favourite piece. Not only does it look nice, it fits really well too. 
 Verity: My fave piece is the Beatrix Basque. It's sexy and can definitely be used under jeans on a night out. 
Bluebella Lingerie Emerson Bra, Aria Body, Nova Bra Leopard and Jamie Fishnet T-Shirt Black
Thoughts on Bluebella as a brand?
 Sharmaine: It's so beautiful, amazing quality, and something different than other brands I've seen recently. 
 Rochelle: It was really amazing to get involved with Bluebella. The lingerie is gorgeous. We always get excited to collaborate with other amazing females. 
Bluebella Lingerie Milla Body
Milla Body
 What inspiring and fabulous ladies! We could not agree more. Not to mention that the drop dead gorgeous trio look absolutely smokin’ in Bluebella ’n’ leathers… is there anything they can’t do!?
 Guess you better jump on your bikes and head on down to Blondies Bar and visit these cool cats before the neighbours complain...
Written by Stephanie Stapleton
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