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Written by - Bluebella


The Book Worms hit the Big Screen...

We love getting stuck into a good book! Ever been so engrossed with a story that you fall in love with the characters, get swept away with the plot and can't wait to discuss it with anyone who will listen? Even for die-hard book worms, there's definitely some intrigue when it comes to your favourite stories hitting the big screen... will your favourite character be how you imagined? Will the story stay true to its roots? Well, love it or hate it, 2016 is most definitely the year of the book-to-film, with many of our favourite reads hitting theatres. Check out our round-up of the must-see ones...


'Room' is based on Emma Donoghue's best-selling novel, inspired by the Fritzl hostage case, and follows the captivating story of a mother and her 5-year-old son as they battle with being held captive and how they ultimately rely on each other's unconditional love. If you're not a fan of screen adaptations, then you'll be pleased to know that Donoghue also wrote the screenplay for the film, meaning that the story stays as true to its roots as possible. Starring Brie Larson, who this week won the BAFTA for Best Actress for her role in it, the film is out now in UK cinemas and we can't wait to watch...


Originally published in 2012, this mesmerizing love story, written by one of our favourite writers Jo Jo Moyes, explores the story of Lou and Will. After losing her job at the local teashop, Lou is employed to be a daily carer for Will, who was left paralysed after a road accident. When reading the book we became hooked on how their relationship unravels and even though it is impossibly sad, it's also funny, eye-opening and romantic. Set to hit screens this spring, the film version stars Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin and with author Moyes writing the screenplay, we have a feeling this is going to be a must-see.


If you're a book worm, there's no doubt that Paula Hawkin's Girl on The Train was on your reading list last year and if not, you probably heard everyone talking about it. It's a firm favourite of ours and we were thrilled to discover that the talented Emily Blunt is to play Rachel, the main character who finds herself noticing something shocking on her daily commute to work. As the story unfolds, she finds herself right in the centre of the drama and this physiological thriller is bound to be a cinema hit. If you haven't read it yet then you have until October, when it hits screens. Delve in...


Written by Jessica Knoll, Luckiest Girl Alive is described as an audacious, page-turning debut thriller and as described by Reese Witherspoon, the film's producer, 'it's one of those reads you can't put down.' With a tagline of 'her perfect life is a perfect lie', main character Ani FaNelli doesn't want her have-it-all-life destroyed by a big secret she's managed to kept hidden away all these years. With a twist you won't see coming, the book really is addictive and we hope the film will do it justice and we're excited to see what actor-turned-producer Witherspoon will do with it! The release date of the film is set for this year.


We love re-living our childhood and if you didn't read Roald Dahl's children's classic then now is the time to do so as Disney presents the 2016 re-make of one of Britain's best-loved stories. A magical tale that will warm your heart, no matter what your age, this big blockbuster is set to hit UK screens this July.

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