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    During the height of summer, there’s really nothing more enjoyable than escaping with a good book. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool on a precious week off or simply taking a bit of ‘me’ time after work to relax, submerging into another world is one of life’s little pleasures. Here’s our pick…

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    Fancy winning one of our most sought-after styles, the Nova, as part of an exclusive ‘Box of Indulgence’? Read on here…

    How do you avoid taking the entire house?

    How do you successfully pack for a successful holiday? We show you how...

    Cocktail Hour: The Bluebella Rundown

    Cocktail Hour: The Bluebella Rundown | Bluebella

    The sun is out in full force and after some of the hottest days ever recorded for July, we're thirsty for some summer cocktails!

    There's nothing quite more satisfying than sipping away at an ice-cold drink in the heat of summer, whether it be in the companion of a good book in the garden or in the gaggle of your best friends at the pub. Here at Bluebella HQ, one of our favourite tipples has to go to the humble cocktail – refreshing, full of flavour and never boring. Here's our rundown on how to get your hands on the best cocktails around whether you're staying in or heading out.

    The Summer Beauty Checklist

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    Look flawless with our top summer beauty tips!

    Your Summer Beauty Checklist | Bluebella

    Summer can be a tricky time for your beauty regimen; eyeshadow that melts into the crease of your eyelids, hair that falls flat or frizzes in humidity and shiny skin. But have no fear, the team at Bluebella have collected their top summer beauty tips to have you looking flawless head-to-toe for the hot season.

    Which Stars are physically perfect?

    Bluebella Golden Ratio

    We've been all over the world's media with our new story about the Golden Ratio of beauty.

    It has been picked up by Mail Online, the Sun and Perez Hilton amongst many others.

    The Ancient Greeks said there was a 'Golden Ratio' for all things when they approached perfection. So we thought it would be fun to apply celebrities' figures to this Golden Ratio.

    The A-Z Of Lingerie

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    Ever wonder what all this Lingerie terminology means?

    The A-Z Of Lingerie

    A – Appliqué

    Appliqué is a decoration method where lace, embroidery or additional fabric are stitched or bonded onto the base fabric to create a three-dimensional effect. Often, satin or silk bras, briefs, suspender belts and negligee are decorated with appliquéd lace, creating a sumptuous, opulent look and feel.

    B – Bra

    Bras are arguably the defining and most referred to item when it comes to lingerie. The bra is designed to offer support to the breasts, and even alter the appearance of breast shape, offering uplift, rounding and much more. Bras come in many types, from seamless t-shirt styles to sensual ouvert designs.

    C – Corset

    Corsets are a historical lingerie pieces, and were designed even before the bra, to sculpt and enhance the female form. Today, corsets are used in the boudoir as a seductive look, and with enthusiasts for waist training. Quality corsets contain steel boning and are secured with lacing to create hourglass contours.

    D – Dessous

    Dessous, is French for 'worn underneath', or 'underwear' and is now a commonly used and fashionable term for fine underwear, or lingerie. Some lingerie constructed with sheer mesh and the finest of silks is described as 'dessous' to evoke a sense of luxury and delicacy.

    Are you slim, athletic, curvaceous? Find your perfect fit!

    Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type - Get The Best Fit To Look Your Best

    Lingerie is more than just something you wear in the boudoir. It has the ability to give a woman confidence, even when no one else sees it. When you dress well from head to toe, you feel better! You are ready for anything, but the wrong piece of lingerie can ruin a day in one slip of a bra strap or visible bunch in the back.

    Why is it that we all wear lingerie, yet so many of us have such a hard time finding the right lingerie for our body type? To avoid those lingerie woes, Bluebella has created a guide of the most flattering lingerie designs to help women choose the perfect lingerie fit for every body shape and figure.